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100% transparency and accountability for all payments and purchases.

Know who receives and transfers every payment.

Enhanced due diligence

Where there’s reliance on the informal financial sector in unbanked crisis zones, the conventional wisdom is that transactions must occur in the dark. The resulting concerns about where funds may end up has led to formal financial institutions cutting off the supply of money. To keep the lifeline open, specialists from multiple disciplines, not usually available in the aid sector, designed the robust SecureAid system. This system and its supporting legal framework proves it is in fact possible to bring light to the people and entities behind the transactions, and build the confidence of banks and regulators to release the original source of funds.

Only once the highest reasonable standard of due diligence possible in a crisis zone is applied to individuals, businesses and facilities providing essential services, digital accounts are opened. These accounts are the gateway for senders to provide financial and other support safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

SecureAid does not get involved in the actual money flow. The transfer of value between accounts mirrors the corresponding payments and purchases made – from and to the right people. A very practical solution to the risks of diversion and interference from armed groups.

Track every cent in real-time, from send to spend.

Inerrant electronic handshake

At the heart of SecureAid is the digital transaction, confirmed on a mobile app by both parties using their respective electronic signatures – eliminating the risk of fraud and human error caused by handwritten, paper-based alternatives.

Each account holder is issued with an electronic or physical Amanacard which acts as an independently verified digital ID. Together with a 6-digit PIN this securely authenticates the cardholder.

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