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Modular components for best-in-class, flexibility and security.

Automates, anonymises, and atomises the risks.

Reducing human error and fraud


Through the use of our platform, time involved in non-value-adding manual steps and double-checking is re-directed to enhancing and increasing the support delivered to end recipients.

Safety and security are built into every aspect of the system, such as ensuring no identifiable personal data is shared during the transaction process in the unbanked crisis zone. The platform undergoes regular rigorous testing by external specialists to anticipate any potential areas of weakness. These are addressed as a priority. 

Wherever possible risks are broken down into manageable components that are, when separated, much less vulnerable to abuse.

The plumbing that connects the flows of money, data, goods and services.

The supply chain perspective

People do not eat cash in a crisis – they use it to make payments and buy essential goods and services.

The SecureAid system takes an integrated view of the ecosystem required to help people survive and thrive in a crisis zone. Supply chain specialists from global FMCGs to local merchants help to identify and mitigate the key risks that may disrupt the key flows.

Technical support from internal and third-party teams in direct contact with the field.

Speed and accuracy

A core team of developers and external technology partners commit their time to working on the SecureAid system because they see an opportunity to make a real difference.

Three complementary teams (apps and central database, transaction processing and analytics) pride themselves in working in purposeful collaboration, listening carefully and responding quickly to colleagues on the front line.

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