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Independent service that complements diverse partners.

Rapid humanitarian response that also accelerates recovery and economic growth.

Private sector engagement

Governments, charities, diaspora and local volunteers all yearn for transition from crisis. During the wait at the political level for conflict resolution, the local and global private sector (in banking, technology, legal and supply chain) has a key role to play in aiding the humanitarian response.

In the large and growing category of ‘the unbanked in crisis zones’, forward-thinking investors are beginning to envision a new frontier to scale solutions that liberate local people through access to financial services, and integrate with social welfare and other payment ecosystems.

SecureAid, with social impact at the core of its mission, offers an independent breakthrough free of vested interests.

Proof in the world’s toughest conflict zones.

Why Syria first?

To succeed in the most complex prevailing geopolitical and humanitarian crisis in the world goes a long way to validating the concept elsewhere.

At the height of the conflict in 2018, we freed up the months-long backlogs of payments to thousands of medical staff and suppliers working in desperate circumstances after months without remuneration, and lightened the workload for the unsung heroes in ‘admin’ support roles who make it all happen.

Syrian HR manager in charge of payroll: ‘What has been achieved is beyond amazing.’

In a word ‘amana’ (trust) embodies the SecureAid customer experience.

In our ‘age of distrust’

At the time of our launch, Lady Stowell, then chairwoman of the UK Charity Commission, had as her overriding aim to work with the sector to regain public trust. 

SecureAid has proven to play a key role in restoring trust by consistently delivering practical material support in the world’s toughest environments while connecting at the human level.

SecureAid is the only custom bank-grade platform built for the delivery of cash, goods and services to the unbanked. It exists to power the Amanacard, an independently verified digital ID and first 'pre-bank card' for many in crisis zones.

A single point of access for information and services, and
robust AML/CFT controls.

Our vision


Having established the trusted platform and service, the team will continue to expand the offering as a digital gateway to senders, recipients, aid implementers, banks, merchants and service facilities.


The My Amana app has evolving functionality for the secure storage of critical information that is useful for families on the move, and small businesses striving to survive and grow.

It also now provides a way to receive personal support directly from friends and family overseas via partnerships with leading payment firms. 

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